Easy Steps to Maintain the Water Transfer Pump


Do you know which machinery is the most important for factories and industrial plants? They are the water transfer pumps. Any industrial plant or factory can not operate without water motor pumps. 

But what will you do if the Water Transfer Pump fails or is damaged? How will industrial production, dependent upon the water transfer pump, go on? 

Therefore, it is essential to opt for preventive measures. They will help you in doing the maintenance of the water transfer pumps. Hence, read the article to know easy steps to maintain the water transfer pumps when hunting for a Water Pump For Sale.

You should prepare a schedule efficiently for the water transfer pump maintenance. Plan your daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly maintenance in that schedule. This will save you from unexpected loss and enhance the longevity of your machinery.

Daily maintenance

  • Check the bearings of the pump regularly. It can be an early sign of bearing failure if they vibrate too much. Call the technician and fix the issue immediately.
  • Check whether oil is leaking from the gaskets.
  • The needle valve should function properly.
  • Check there is no moisture leak in the pump seal.

Monthly maintenance

  • Check if lubrication is required in the bearings. Lubricate them.
  • Hydraulic governors of the water pump contain oil. Change that oil within a month every time.
  • The oil level should be proper in the hydraulic governors of the water pumps.
  • You should ensure that there are no oil leaks in the pump’s fittings, seals, and power pistons.
  • Don’t ask the technician to repair the guards when they become malfunctioned. Replace them.
  • Do the cleaning of necessary parts of the pump within a month.

Half-yearly maintenance

  • You should ensure that the rust will impact no part of the machinery. You can have a coat on the parts of the machinery to prevent it from rusting.
  • Clean valve stems and governor linkage within six months. Furthermore, you should lubricate them twice a year.
  • Change the oil of the new pump after 200 hours of its operation. Then, it should be changed after 2000 hours of its operation.
  • You should grease the pump after 2000 hours of its operation.
  • Monitor the shaft alignment to enhance the pump’s longevity.

Annual maintenance

  • Check whether the surface of the machinery is robust or not. If there is any crack, seal, or rust, it should be given immediate treatment to sort out the issue.
  • If the casing is cracked 1/8 inch deep, it should not be repaired. It should be replaced. 
  • The water pumps can not be operated without impellers. Replace the impellers soon if they are damaged.
  • Call the technician to replace the frame adapter if it is corroded or damaged.
  • You should check the shaft alignment for the issue of tear and wear. It is essential to replace it.
  • If there is any crack/ wear of more than ⅛ inch in the stuffing box cover/ seal chamber, you should ask your technician to replace it for better pump functioning.
  • If it is very old, then don’t repair it. Search for the best water pump for sale and buy it.

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Final Words

Hope that you have studied all the essential points necessary for its care. When you choose the best water pump for sale, you will also remember that you must take care of the machinery. It is a big investment that you will make for your factory. Its damaged parts will reduce your profit.

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